About Us

ACTIONPLUS FOUNDATION is a community based registered NGO operating in the UK and Ghana.

The UK branch of our charity was opened in London in 1997 and in 2007, we opened the Africa branch based in Ghana. Our vision is a world where people affected by HIV do not experience poverty, ill health and prejudice. We support people living with HIV/AIDS so they can play a central role in improving their own lives leading to permanent and lasting solutions. In Ghana and in the UK, we lead in HIV education including support and empowerment programmes. We work with our partner organisations to change the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. We operate in the heart of our community, reaching out in churches, schools, colleges, clubs, markets, nail bars and barber shops.

​Our organisation is built on four key outcomes: ​

Preventing the transmission of HIV: We promote condom use and other ways of stopping HIV infection, through raising awareness around prevention campaigns.

Promoting the benefit of early diagnosis:  We know that HIV diagnosed early gives you more of an opportunity to manage the virus and can prevent onward transmission.

Challenging prejudice:  We tackle HIV stigmathrough education.

Reducing poverty experienced by people living with HIV:  Both in the UK and Ghana people living with HIV are living in poverty due to the disease.