Fred is the Founder and CEO of Actionplus Foundation. He is an ordained minister of the gospel, called into ministry in 1982. Fred in his interview with the BBC during 2013 National HIV testing week said “Through the empowerment programme led by Actionplus Foundation, I have seen the lives of many persons living with HIV/AIDS turned around and taking the lead in the fight against stigma and discrimintation in the church and their communities both in Ghana and and the UK”


He is married with six children who are all active in supporting the work of Actionplus Foundation both in the UK and in Ghana.

Rev Annin was led to establish the Actionplus Foundation UK in 1997 as a direct result of people living with HIV in his congregation who were experiencing ill health, ignorance and exclusion from their own community. Following his missionary trip to Ghana in 2007, he was challenged by the circumstances people living with HIV were forced to live in, especially widows and orphans. As a direct result of HIV infection, people are living in poverty with little opportunity to live a healthy live. This should not be the case.

In the UK and in Ghana, he continues to challenge the myths within the Christian communities about HIV/AIDS. He has delivered training to educate Pastors and community leaders on the facts about HIV. He has also spoken out on the BBC against churches who tell patients to rely on prayer alone for their healing, ignoring medical treatment.

We believe that ACTION speaks louder than words. Actionplus Foundation exists to demonstrate that we have the strength and power to alleviate poverty, sicknesses and suffering from our world today to make it a better place to live tomorrow for all people affected by HIV.

He has led and delivered different kinds of projects initiated by the Actionplus Foundation including: Take Action Now, Challenge And Break HIV Stigma, Your Health Is Your Life (one stop health shop) the GLOBDOPAH Network of Pastors and church leaders and many more.

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