Actionplus Foundation works at the heart the community to promote HIV health and wellbeing. This includes running a range of community focused actions in the UK and in Ghana.

We are a faith based organisation which began in London in 1997. Our vision is a world where people affected by HIV do not experience poverty, ill health and prejudice. We support people living with HIV/AIDS to play a central role in improving their own lives leading to permanent and lasting solutions. We also address other health conditions in our community. Here in the UK, we work across London and Luton and in Africa we have branches based in Ghana and Uganda



  • Preventing the onward transmission of HIV: We promote condom use and other ways of stopping HIV infection, through the raising of the awareness around prevention campaigns.
  • Promoting the benefit of early diagnosis: We know that HIV diagnosed early gives you more of an opportunity to manage the virus and can prevent onward transmission.
  • Challenging prejudice: We tackle HIV stigma through education.
  • Reducing poverty experienced by people living with HIV: Both in the UK and Africa. People living with HIV are living in poverty due to the disease.
  • In the UK, Ghana and Uganda, we are leaders in HIV education, including support and empowerment programmes working closely with our partner organisations, every day therefore changing the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our Programs